Event Hosting and Presentation

Corinna Egerer …

can host a wide range of Business Events

Corinna Egerer hosts a variety of events including congresses, podium discussions, stage interviews, workshops, award ceremonies, galas, and conferences – events that often encompass both the economy and politics.

… can host bilingual events in German and English

Corinna Egerer can host your event in German and English, effortlessly switching from one to the other as needed. As such she can confidently address international audiences and guest speakers, at a variety of formats, from trade fairs and branch specific conferences to events for global companies and international organisations.

can host in person and in front of a camera

Corinna Egerer is a charming presenter of  live events in front of an audience, and on camera for hybrid or virtual live-events originating from a studio. Whether it’s a congress, interview, panel discussion, stage conversation, award ceremony or annual meeting, live or virtual – Corinna Egerer is your expert partner for conception and presentation. 

is competent, professional and charming

Her experience of many years in the international business communication sector has given Corinna Egerer the skill to bring successfully together different formats and target groups. She hosts any event with intelligence and engagement.  Her focus on the positioning of the client and the specific occasion is unwavering. She presents information, perspective and content clearly, expertly guiding guests of diverse backgrounds through each program. 

has a professional focus

Her focus is oriented to “Economy and Management” and in the intersection of business, politics and science. Her interest is especially oriented to mid-sector companies and entrepreneurship, as well as start-ups and platforms developing digital ecosystems.

She is knowledgeable in the fields of finance and FinTech, insurance, manufacturing, the service industry, retail and e-commerce, consumer goods, and tourism. She also regularly hosts events that deal with topics that are relevant and important to the community, such as digitalization, innovation, education, corporate social responsibility, ESG, consumer protection, and the next generation of business ownership.