„Dear Mrs. Egerer, I have to thank you so much. I appreciate your style as a master of ceremonies very much. You always manage to combine competence and expertise with esprit and charme in your own unique way and thus to give our events a special brilliance. I just wanted to let you know that.”

Markus Meli, Consul general for Switzerland in Frankfurt a.M.

“We have gotten a lot of positive feedback about the Reinvention Laboratory at the IEC General Meeting. It was Frau Egerer’s merit to a large degree: Her professional presentation and inspiring attitude have given the Reinvention Lab a face. To me it was especially impressive how fast and how deeply she had worked her way into the many different session-topics and had acquired real expertise. A huge achievement!”

Brita Becker, VDE/DKE

„I have enjoyed our cooperation immensely and I would like to express my highest respect for your great achievement.

It was truly  outstanding!

To bring together specialists with their details and their technical terminology and to give the sessions a highly professional profile – this plan has fully worked out thanks to your commitment. You have given a lot more than we could expect. I had the feeling that you became a ‘member of our team’ immediately”

Christopher Franke, Managing Director, 3c Creative Communication Concepts GmbH

“ Before I will be sending a mail to all the speakers of our forum, I would like to especially thank you for having been such an excellent host. You have acquired thorough knowledge of the specific sports topics and were able to introduce the individual speeches professionally and at the same time with a personal touch. You have ensured that the discussion panel was very interesting and you found the right mixture of free space and direction. You filled the whole event continuously with charme and vitality – in spite of the considerable length. Heartfelt thanks for the good cooperation!”

Ralph Lehnert, CEO, Hamburger Sportbund e.V.