Corinna Egerer has hosted events for a variety of companies and associations as well as societal institutions. These events have been in many different formats, including conferences and panel discussions as well as stage interviews or company galas and award ceremonies, live and in front of a camera.

Examples of events she has hosted:

Mit Prof. Norbert Walter

Hessen-Champions 2020

  •  Hessischer Unternehmertag (HUT) : Leading annual state-sponsored business event for commercial industrial groups in the state of Hessen including award ceremony
    Since 2014 as Master of Ceremonies. Among the speakers regularly are the Hessian Prime Minister and Minister of Economics, at this leading business event for the state of Hessen. The event includes the Award Ceremony „Hessen Champions“. Topics of the events have been: Virtual award ceremony “Hessen Champions (2020); “Is your Company Digitally Healthy?” (2019); “Hessen, the German finance market place and the German stock exchange – a successful partnership for Europe”(2018); Global Companies and Hessen as business location (2017) “Germany and Europe” (2016); “Investment-friendly politics” (2015); “Education” (2014)
    Concept and Master of Ceremonies at English language Conference for Corporations, StartUps, Investors, Public Policymakers, Regulators and ScienceSector Partners. Topics have included: Open Banking, Ecosystem; Blockchain; Crypto Currencies, Payment , Artificial Intelligence, Cloud; FinTech, Investment, Customer Experience, RegTech and ESG. Speakers have come from many different European Ecosystems

Frankfurt Digital Finance 2021

Mit Prof. Norbert Walter

European Commission – DG Santé 2019

Mit Prof. Norbert Walter

Bankenfachverband e.V. 2021

  • European Commission – DG Santé
    Complete event hosting included panels for the „Smarter Rules for Safer Food and Plant Health Conference“ in Brussels in English (2019) and the conference „The Future of Global Pork Production under the Threat of African Swine Fever“ in English at the trade fair “Grüne Woche” in Berlin (2020)
  • Bitkom Bundesverband Informationswirtschaft, Telekommunikation und neue Medien e.V
    Moderation of the virtual “Digital Retail Conference” 2020 and the “Quantum Summit 2021”.
  • AXA XL
    Moderation and content conception of the virtual live event “Perspectives 2021”
  • Bankenfachverband e.V.
    Moderation and content conception of the virtual general meeting 2021 on the topic Purpose/ESG
  • LAPP (leading supplier of cables, wires, cable accessories and systems)
    Moderation of the 2-day virtual customer event in German and English
  • BNP Paribas Germany
    Moderation of the virtual live executive conference “Germany Convention 2021”
  • Supervisory Boards of the midsize companies in Germany (ArMiD e.V.)
    Hosted the events „Supervisory Boards in Dialogue“ e.g. on the topic „Onboarding of Supervisory Boards“ and „Supervisory Board in Times of Disruptive Challenges”
  • Association of the Electrical Engineering Electronic Information Technology/German Commission Electrical Engeneering Electronic Information Technology
    Host of the annual congress „DKE Innovation Campus“ with the topics „Safety and Security“ (2017), „Autonomic Systems“ (2018) and „All Electric Society“ (2019). Additionally hosting the five-day event focusing on the laboratory of the future: „Reinvention-Laboratory“ in English during the IEC General Meeting 2016
  • “Association of the European Paper Sack-Industry: EUROSAC Congress 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2021
    Annual conference in English, topics included: “Communications/Social Media” and „Paper Sacks – the Natural Commitment “


AXA XL Perspectives 2021

  • Simon-Kucher & Partners – Strategy and Marketing Consultants
    European Logistics Forum 2019, European Sales Conference 2019; Strategy Forum for Professional Service Firms 2018
  • Federal German Office for Consumer Protection and Food Safety
    Hosting of 3-day Congress „eCommerce of Food – International Conference on Trends and Official Controls“ in English
  • AirPlus Key Account Forum
    Master of Ceremonies for the entire event
  • Dr. Wieselhuber & Partner GmbH: „Equity Lounge“
    Series of events on the topics „Immaterial Classes of Assets – Values that don’t show up on the Balance Sheets ”; “Increasing Value of Shareholders”; “Data Driven Business Models”; “Blockchain./ Distributed Ledger Technology” and “Increasing Value using Digital Business Models”
  • MACH AG – „Innovative Management“ 2017, 2018 und 2019
    Conference about Innovation und Digitalization in Public Administration: Master of Ceremonies & panel discussion

MACH AG – Innovative Management 2019

Frankfurt Digital Finance 2020

  • BWS Succession Forum 2019
    Master of Ceremonies including panels ; 2-day Forum for entrepreneurs, successors & investors about company succession in the mid sector in times of digitalization and disruption
  • Association of Gardening and Landscaping and Sports Field Construction GaLaBau NRW e.V.
    Hosting of the event „GaLaBau – A Look into the future – Successful Company succession“, of a series of Webpanels 2020 and the Member Assembly 2021
  • 2.0 – financialmedia AG, Zürich
    “Finance 2.0 Conference” 2017 und 2018 (leading FinTech Conference in Switzerland) and “InsurTech” in English including a panel discussion of Fintech from the investor’s point of view
  • Wirtschaftsrat Deutschland (German Economic Advisory Council)
    South German Economy Day (2017 and 2019) „Digitalization and Cyber Security“ ; „Megatrend Urbanization – Mobility, Logistics, Housing“ with the Hessian Prime Minister Volker Bouffier: Master of Ceremonies including a podium discussion. Also hosted „Hessian Days of Digital Economy“ (2020) with Astrid Hamker (President) and Nicola Beer (Vice President of the European Parliament)
  • PHOENIX CONTACT Group: Industry Solution Congress & Industrial Communication Congresss
    Congress for the „Opening of The Industry Solution Center” at the Bad Pyrmont Campus. Digitalization/Industry 4.0 as basis for industrial solutions in the fields of Energy Economy, Processing and Factory Automatization and Infrastructure. Hosted also “Industrial Communication Congress” about Digitalization/Industry 4.0 in “Factory Automatization and Building technology”

DKE Innovation Campus 2019

International German Piano Award

  • Strascheg Center for Entrepreneurship an der Hochschule München
    Panel Hosting of SCE FinTech Meet-up 2019, Robo Advisory
  • Women in Finance e.V. / ODDO BHF Bank
    Stage Talk about current developments at the international capital market places (2018) and panel discussion about female executive leadership as a model for a finance world that is reinventing itself (2019)
  • International Piano Forum / Internationaler Deutscher Pianistenpreis, Alte Oper, Frankfurt a.M. 
    Presentation of the official opening concert to the music fair 2016 and award ceremony International German prize for pianists 2018 and 2019 in English and German.
  • Universität St. Gallen, Schweiz
    „The future of European finance market places“  at the UBS SE in Frankfurt
  • Hamburger Sportbund (Hamburg Sports Federation)
    Expert forum on digitization
  • Universität Witten/Herdecke, Reinhard-Mohn-Institut für Unternehmensführung, Institute for company management  
    Day of Company Management 2018 with the theme „Assets – Imagination, Strategy, Organization“
  • fDepartment of Interior, Digitalisation and Migration Baden-Württemberg: Several Events regarding a Strategy for Digitalisation
    Opening event “A Strategy for Digitalisation for the State of Baden-Württemberg: digital@bw“ with the Minister of Interior Thomas Strobl: moderated Round Table;
    Opening  Event “Digital Community of the future Baden-Württemberg“ with Minister Thomas Strobl: Hosting of event including a panel-discussion; “Cybersecurity – How can the economy protect itself?”
    Hosting of event in Brusssels in the representation of Baden-Württemberg at the EU including award ceremony for the state competition “Digital Community of the future Baden-Württemberg“ among others with Minister Thomas Strobl, Ambassador Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Ischinger und EU-Commissary Sir Julian King

EUROSAC Congress 2019

Deutsche Bahn

  • Deutsche Bahn AG – Mobility Symposium 2016, 2017 und 2018
    “The Future of Mobility“ with Dr. Rüdiger Grube, CEO Deutsche Bahn AG (2016) and Birgit Bohle, Chief Executive DB Fernverkehr (2017)
  • Swiss Consulate Frankfurt a.M.: several economy-related events
    In cooperation with the Konrad-Adenauer Foundation: “Our Democracy – Current Condition and Future”; a symposium and panel discussion “Future of the (Freight)Railway in Europe;
    book presentation and political talk with the Swiss Ambassador to the USA
  • Institut der deutschen Wirtschaft (IW), Institute of the German Economy
    Symposium about the topic „Inclusion in dual vocational training“
  • Samsung Electronics GmbH
    Podium Discussion „Digital Competency on the Job“
    Presentation of the Samsung Electronics event in cooperation with WorldSkills Germany e.V.
  • Stadtsparkasse Düsseldorf:
    Real Estate Evening and prize ceremony of the architecture advancement prize for students
  • Greenhill & Co Europe LLP:
    Anniversary Celebration  „15 years Greenhill in Germany“, hosted in German and English
  • Friedrich-Naumann-Stiftung für die Freiheit/ Friedrich-Naumann Foundation for Freedom:
    Master of ceremonies of the Liberal International Day with the topic: “Free Press”. Guests on the podium were among others: Sabine Leutheusser-Schnarrenberger (former German Minister for Justice ), Nikolaus Blome (Journalist) und Gernot Lehr (Media Rights Lawyer)

WorldSkills / Samsung, Foto © Anja Jungnickel

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