Topics and Focus Areas

Business & Economics

General economics, management and leadership, business relationships, public and professional associations as well as discussion points related to family-owned enterprises, entrepreneurship and mid-sized companies are an important part of Corinna Egerer’s professional portfolio. Future-oriented topics dealing with innovation, digitalization, FinTech, Industry 4.0, the internet of things, smart cities, mobility and (tech-) investment are frequently on her agenda. She is well versed in all these topics and can host fluently in German and English.

She also has experience hosting events focusing on corporate responsibility, sustainability, corporate social engagement / ESG as well as the topics of demography, education,  environmental protection and diversity.

Corinna Egerer’s long involvement in the financial sector, among other in retail, payment and customer relations and communication mean that she is highly qualified to host events in the field of banking, asset management, FinTech & Digital Finance and real estate.

In addition, her work for one of Germany’s biggest international retail and tourism companies have given her extensive experience in retail, e-commerce and retail-platforms, consumer goods and tourism. This includes all topics related to marketing, customer loyalty and sales.

IEC GM 2016, DKE – Photo © Hannibal Hanschke

Moderation at the CDU parliamentary group forum – Photo © Alexander Kurz / CDU Parliamentary Group Hesse


Corinna Egerer has no political affiliation, so she can objectively host any political discussion. She frequently moderates Europe-related events including topics focusing on the European Union and the Euro. Her agenda of engagements regularly entails events pertaining to state and the regional level policy questions such as the economy, safety, consumer and education issues. Freedom, democracy und basic human rights, demographics and corporate relationships to local political entities are the focus of many of the events on her schedule.

Culture and Sports

But Corinna Egerer is not only experienced in the world of politics and finance. Her multifaceted and international background have ensured that she is equally at home presenting cultural events such as classical concerts, award ceremonies and charity galas. In addition she is also proficient as a presenter of sports-related events. This broad foundation of experience make her the perfect host as the connection between economics and entrepreneurship and culture and sports is often at the heart of events and relationships linking for-profit and non-profit organizations.

With Tarek Al-Wazir – Photo © Frank Kleefeldt

Mit Prof. Norbert Walter

Moderation IEC GM 2016, DKE – Photo © Hannibal Hanschke

Science / Research  & Teaching

Corinna Egerer particularly enjoys hosting events for universities and other educational and research institutions featuring topics related to science. Among others, she is regularly involved with the University of St. Gallen, Switzerland hosting events related to the field of economic sciences.