Event Formats

Which format is the right one for your event? When planning your event, should you be in doubt which format is the right one for you, Corinna Egerer is also an experienced consultant and will be glad to act as your adviser.

Conferences / Congresses

Conferences, symposiums and congresses require a professional host to give structure to the event and present topics, speakers and content in an engaging and memorable way. Corinna Egerer takes the time to ensure she always possesses a sound knowledge of the content she will be presenting. She sets a professional yet relaxed and charming tone for your symposium.

Hessen Champions 2020

Mit Prof. Norbert Walter

AXA XL Perspectives 2021

Mit Prof. Norbert Walter

Live in the studio

Virtual Live Events /Live-Streamed events from a studio

A number of companies and institutions have come to appreciate the great potential that a live studio event can offer. Speakers can reach a global audience directly, making extensive travel unnecessary. Corinna Egerer provides the charming and engaging face of such event; hosting in a manner that ensures the event maintains the highest level of content quality while bringing an entertaining tone that is right for the format.

Stage Conversation

This format has the offer to bring a more relaxed atmosphere to a program. Both Corinna Egerer and a guest come together on stage, where she asks the guest questions and they discuss a topic in its many facets. Interviewed guests have the opportunity to present themselves as individuals, bringing to the conversation their expertise and knowledge of their field of specialty in a manner that is often more engaging and entertaining than a scripted speech.

Galas und Anniversaries

A company anniversary, a charity ball or a sports gala are especially important events, which require a special kind of host. Corinna Egerer is a professional, charming and confident master of ceremonies.

Whenever possible, she likes to be involved at the planning stage of the event. This gives her the opportunity to become well-acquainted with the goals and desires of the client. With this insight Corinna Egerer can ensure optimal realization of these expectations.

Events with speakers

Be it for customers, employees, association members or business partners, an event centered around speakers requires a professional master of ceremonies to ensure the best experience for the guests, the hosting party as well as the speakers. As master of ceremonies, Corinna Egerer ensures that such an event achieves its goals.

Award Ceremonies

Corinna Egerer hosts award ceremonies in the fields of economics and politics. Her focus here lies with innovations and topics related to future developments. She is equally at home hosting prize ceremonies for achievement in the arts and sports.



Panel Discussions

Panel Discussions are a great format, if the purpose of the event is to highlight and discuss a topic from different perspectives with several guest speakers. Corinna Egerer presents a wide variety of panel style events. She is not only charming but always well-prepared with a competent and well-structured understanding of the topic under discussion.


If you require a pre-recorded version of an event, for example as in-house training material at your company or if you wish to present a live webinar, these events require professional production and presentation to ensure a lively forum and audience engagement. Look no further than Corinna Egerer as the host of your next webinar.